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22 Aug
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Mid-Week Challenge

The attack on Christianity in America continues this week as a "Bible
Billboard Controversy" looms over Southern California.  SoCal Harvest is a
crusade hosted by Harvest Christian Fellowship for almost 30 years in
Southern California.  Each year Pastor Greg Laurie and others purchase
billboard space, print media and other forms of advertisement to get the
word out to the community about the crusade.  The ministry was able to
secure billboard space in malls around the area and posted dates, times and
speakers along with a photo of Pastor Laurie speaking at his church.  The
ads were up for around two weeks when Pastor Laurie received a call from the
billboard company asking that they be revised.  What was the problem?
Apparently, the company had received complaints that the sign was too
offensive and must be removed.  What was the offense? The photo shows Pastor
Laurie with a microphone in one hand and a black book in his other hand.  It
was the black book that people found offensive.  The book has not label, no
title, just a black book.

What kind of society have we become when a simple black book offends
someone?  A society under conviction! Those who were offended rightly
assumed that the book with no visible title was the Bible.  The church took
it in stride, changed the sign
  but the complaints continued and the sign company
removed the ads and refunded the church's money.  Still determined to
proceed, the church had the crusade and despite having their billboards
pulled by one company, the Harvest ads contracted through other companies
remained up. And according to the Harvest website, 100,000 attendees turned
up at the Anaheim Stadium and the event drew 9,260 professions of faith!

What a powerful display of God's work in a militant community.  When the
Holy Spirit can bring people under conviction by simply putting a picture of
someone holding a black book up on a sign, you have to admit God is still in

Where is God moving in your community? Have you worked hard enough for the
Lord in your scope of influence that all you would have to do is hold up a
picture with no words or religious symbols and people know exactly what and
Who you are talking about? That's power!  Today, take advantage of the power
God has given you through the Holy Spirit.  Don't get upset when the world
acts like the world.  You continue to act like the Christian we are called
to be and God will take care of the rest!  

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is God's power for salvation
to everyone who believes, first to the Jew, and also to the Greek. Romans

Serving the Savior

Bro. Jonathan

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