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27 Mar
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Mid-Week Challenge

A “double standard” is a set of principles that applies differently and usually more rigorously to one group of people or circumstances than to another especially. It seems like we have seen a lot of this happening over the past few days.  Wealthy parents bribing college officials to admit their children, political biases that lead to outcomes you don’t feel are correct, legal verdicts that don’t seem to match the facts presented by investigators. Casual observation concludes there are two sets of rules in just about every situation.  But even the term “double standard” appears to be an oxymoron.  The word “standard” implies there is a baseline, or minimum accepted normal or ultimate truth for every situation.  But given everyday life events, no one can deny the existence of an unspoken system of rules that apply only for those who make the rules and everyone else is measured by the standard. Take for example the new movie Unplanned. The film is based on the true story of Abby Johnson, who defected from Planned Parenthood to become a pro-life activist.  The film comes from Pure Flix Entertainment, the family-friendly label known for distributing God’s Not Dead and a few dozen other movies aimed at Christians. While making the movie the filmmakers were certain they were making a PG-13 film as the movie does not have any profane language, nudity, violence, or drug abuse.  In spite of their efforts, the MPAA informed the production company that the movie will be rated R unless all scenes of abortions are removed or altered. The filmmakers refused and the movie will open this Friday, March 29 with an R-rating.  The MPAA says the R-rating on Unplanned was for “some disturbing/bloody images” and was in no way politically motivated. Its process involves a ratings board of about 10 people from all walks of life — all of whom have children — voting and debating until they come to a majority agreement.  Their response gives the apparent double standard and the revealing harsh truth.  Movies that have strong sexual situations, harsh language and violence receive the PG-13-rating but due to one revealing scene the R-rating was given.  The harsh truth is that the abortion procedure is disturbing and anyone with children should debate and vote in agreement that it is an R-rated act.  But in their restriction they also send a political message.  They don’t want people to see what an abortion really is and does.  By rating the movie in this way they shield the eyes of youngsters but they also limit them in their knowledge of a horrible reality that is often watered down by political lingo.  So the message becomes we must limit access to reality but it’s okay to celebrate raunchy; the “Standard.”        

What this reveals is the harsh truth Christians have known for some time: Life is not fair.  Yes, the world will sign off on a system of rules, but that does not mean they will always abide by them.  Even though we become increasingly frustrated by the World’s constant movement of the line, we must not give up.  As our options in response become more limited we must, none the less, exercise them.  Overwhelming public support has always been the best response to those who treat the things of Christ unfairly.  The world will always behave like the world so Christians must always behave like Christ! Don’t get so frustrated with what you have witnessed over the past few weeks that you give up trying to make a difference.  As long as the Lord keeps us around He has a purpose and that purpose is always to be a positive witness to those around you!

The Lord detests double standards; he is not pleased by dishonest scales. Proverbs 20:23

Serving the Savior, 

Bro. Jonathan


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