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14 Jun
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Mid-Week Challange

As you may know the Southern Baptist Convention Annual meeting is going on now in Phoenix, Arizona and we are already getting reports of the “chaos” that is happening.  Reporters have been dissecting the meeting, looking for any fracture within our convention.  The secular hopefuls were not disappointed when a motion to adopt a resolution to denounce the alt-right was presented on Tuesday by a black pastor from Texas, Dwight McKissic, and was denied.  One report framed the event as the idea of a lone black pastor being turned down by a group of old white men.  In reality, the motion was denied by a committee appointed to review motions for wording and content before it ever reached the floor.  This group has as its charge the duty of review so that motions are not presented to the full assembly that contains subject matter of a political or controversial without an explanation.  Pastor McKissic published his opinion a few weeks before the meeting in a SBC magazine so several people had already read his remarks.  After the committee declined to present his resolution based on his wording Pastor McKissic resubmitted it for review on the floor late Tuesday.  By this time most of the delegates were absent or zoned out for the day so when it was brought to the floor it was reported that the committee had decline so the resubmittal was denied.  At that a twitter storm began to brew claiming the SBC had refused to denounce white supremacy, which caught on quickly in social media.  By the time it was all over the entire group reassembled and voted to hear a reworked motion today.

Unfortunately the damage has been done and word is spreading once again that the SBC does not care to work on improved race relations.   The truth is that the language of the original motion was not accepted, but the idea behind the proposal was.  All that needed to be done was to reword and resubmit but that did not happen due to when it was presented.  A huge misunderstanding pounced on by a media that wants to see racial tension continue.  They do little to help the situation by giving an uncomplete story and framing it as racially motivated.   

Don’t just believe everything you read in the media.  Be wise and check the facts and ask yourself why anyone in our day would want such chaos.   We must have law and order as we communicate our differences.  We cannot allow stereotypes and misunderstandings to be the force that drives our feelings or conversations.  Pray for our SBC leaders and delegates as they meet.  Pray for restoration and discernment as we move forward together.

Serving the Savior 

Bro. Jonathan

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