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16 Mar
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Mid-Week Challenge

Mid-Week Challenge

 In their latest attempt to force the homosexual and transgendered agenda, gay rights groups have sent notice to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (the largest college athletic sanctioning board) urging them to break ties with all colleges that have sought an exception to the Title IX ruling allowing them to protect the privacy and rights of students who are not homosexuals. Title IX, as put into effect in 1972, prohibits gender discrimination on college campuses. In 2014, the U.S. Department of Education extended Title IX to also include transgender students.  Under the latest rules school must allow gay and transgendered students to have access to the private locker rooms and practice facilities that same sex and straight students use.   To combat this, some religious colleges have requested and received exceptions to Title IX.  According to the group Campus Pride, more than 50 religious colleges have requested or received exceptions, allowing them to expel or refuse to admit transgender students.  It is at these schools that students are provided a greater sense of safety knowing that they will not be put in an environment where they are forced to play against or change clothes in front of someone of the opposite sex.  

 The LGBTQ activists who are fighting against these religious institutions claim “these schools are willfully and intentionally creating unsafe environments for LGBTQ students.” That is what I find comical.  These groups ignore the rights, privacy and safety of straight individuals.  Common sense tells us that a college-aged man or woman should not have access to the locker room of the opposite sex.  What these state and federal rulings are doing is forcing the majority of people to withdrawal from participating in athletics for fear of personal safety.  At one-time student athletes only had to fear their opponents, now they have to be aware of their own teammates.

 The Bible is very clear that God made us male and female.  As adult leaders we have the duty to protect the next generation.  When we force compliance of the liberal agenda we put all our futures in jeopardy.  

 Pray for the school leaders who must fight to protect the rights and privacy of their students.  Pray for the NCAA as they weigh their response. 

 Serving the Savior

 Bro. Jonathan

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