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25 Apr
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Mid-Week Challenge

Most people hope to get a good liberal arts education out of their college experience leading toward a degree.  Looking at the curriculum core of most degrees that is exactly what schools intend to provide each student, a balanced dose of the educational disciplines that will equip the learner to successfully navigate the paths of life.  If you did not have the opportunity or desire to attend college there is a list of books that scholars suggest reading to have a balanced view of history, culture and society.  This list goes by different names depending on the source but most contain the same 10 to 20 key books for grasping an understanding of western thought.

Along with a list of good books to read, to be culturally relevant, one must be familiar with leading periodicals. These would include Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time, etc. If you are a guy and want to step up your game you read magazines such as Men’s Health and GQ.  The point is that by reading from each of these sources one would be equipped to engage in dialogue, thought and would have an “in general connection” with those he or she might encounter in any area of life.  The books and magazines were not intended to sway one’s opinion one way or the other, but inform the reader of where we have come, where we are and where we might be going as a society.  Applied correctly one would be a fully equipped, cultured gentleman or lady.  

My how times have changed. Last week the editors at GQ published an article titled “21 Books You Don’t Have to Read,” of course it included the Bible. The writers listed 21 books on the classics list and then suggested a more modern title in its place.  The editors who compiled the article wrote, “We've been told all our lives that we can only call ourselves well-read once we've read the Great Books. We tried...But a few pages into Bleak House, we realized that not all the Great Books have aged well. Some are racist and some are sexist, but most are just really, really boring. So we—and a group of un-boring writers—give you permission to strike these books from the canon.” 

As editors of a major magazine I would have thought these folks would understand the nature of and importance of such a list of literary works.  The purpose has always been to expose and educate, not entertain and indoctrinate.  However, that is exactly what their replacement list seeks to do.  In place of Hemingway and Twain they suggest titles that seeking to feminize and glamorize sinful behavior.  Instead of The Catcher in the Rye and the Bible we are pointed to a story about a girl who falls in love with her female teacher and a story about “two brothers who have to learn how to get along when things get rough.”

I guess I have come to expect this type of offering from the “authorities” of our day.  The sad part is that they do not realize the platform for education they have. Instead they use their power to criticize and destroy anything they don’t agree with or does not fit their agenda, destroying all credibility.  It would be nice if they would pause long enough to ask why such books have been placed on a list by so many different scholars for such a period of time.  But that is wisdom of this world, wisdom that leads to destruction. 

For the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. As the Scriptures say, "He traps the wise in the snare of their own cleverness."  1 Corinthians 3:19

Serving the Savior

Bro. Jonathan


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