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13 Jun
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Mid-Week Challenge

How much sense would it make for McDonald’s to hire a PETA member as its new CEO?  Or why would PETA make an avid hunter their new spokesperson?  So why are so many people offended when the American Bible Society began requiring employees to sign an “Affirmation of Biblical Community?”  The document requires employees to “refrain from sexual contact outside the marriage covenant,” which it defined as man and wife, requires employees to be “involved in a local Christian church” and to “resist temptations of deception, malicious speech, stealing, cheating others, and dishonoring my body through substance abuse.”  The American Bible Society has been around for 202 years and has as its mission to publish, distribute and translate the Bible for people around the world.  The organization is a nonprofit and takes no money from state or federal sources.  Beginning in January 2019, all employees will be required to sign the document. Those who don’t will be asked to tender their resignation.  At least nine of the organization’s 200 or so employees have quit.

Shouldn’t we expect this of an organization that has as its mission to translate, publish and distribute the Bible?  With a book that they believe to be the literal Word of God, what’s wrong with requiring those who handle it on their behalf actually believe and model what it has to say?  The negative reaction to this move is just another example of how far our society has fallen away from engaging their brains and using, at a minimum, common sense.  It also shows how far we are from understanding what it means to be a real follower of what the Bible has to say and what society has come to call Christian.  The title of Christian is only limited by the defined use of the one who claims it.  The feeling is similar to how now in our society an individual who has been born a man can self-identify as a woman and we are all supposed to be okay with it.  The problem with trying to overlap the thought process is that the Bible makes it very clear how a follower of Christ is to be defined.  So when a Biblical organization takes steps to “define” its employees in line with how the Bible does it should come as no surprise, almost expected.  And there’s the problem, not with the world, but with us.  The one thing we as Christians have always had going for us is the fact our life reflected what the people of the world read in the Bible.  They might not like it but they did respect the fact that we actually lived what we said we believe.  For too long we have allowed the lifestyle mandates in the Bible to be diluted in an effort to welcome more people in.  In all sincerity we thought that if we can get them to come around us we would have a positive effect on them and they would change but in fact it is us who changed.  We cannot blame the world for living like the world but we can callout our own when we see them living like the world.  When a Christian organization takes steps to define its mission and those associated with it more clearly we should investigate, search the Scripture for clarity and then celebrate and support their efforts if they are found to be Biblical.   

The devil will try to use emotion and misguided compassion to give away the pearls of our faith.  Without even knowing it Christians are watering down the life changing truth of the Bible.  When we give up the Bible we give away our only weapon of conviction.  We cannot convince people of theirs sins if we only have our emotions and progressive logic as tools.  When we remove God’s authority all we are left with is the authority of man.  If self is all we answer to personal emotion and feelings will win every time.  We cannot trust our hearts to lead us on the issues that matter most.  In our compassion we will love sinners all the way into Hell and some might follow them there.  Now is the wake up call to align ourselves with organizations who understand the importance of living in this sinful world but taking real steps to not be counted among its followers.   

People like stability and in this ever changing, forced diversity society we are living in people will be drawn to places that are consistent, simple and trustworthy.  Let’s make sure that the actions we take are Scriptural and then not apologize for following the Word of God.  The world might not like what we are doing but they cannot say that we are not following what God tells us to do in His Word.     

Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.  Acts 17:11

Serving the Savior

Bro. Jonathan

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