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4 Jul

Mid-Week Challenge

On this 4th of July holiday symbols of American pride are not hard to spot.  American flags, fireworks, and red white and blue decorate our homes, streets and clothing.  America has a culture all its own and it is envied the world over.  So when Americans are asked about the kinds of things that make us great and unique it is surprising to learn what’s on the list.  American cheese, cornhole, Krispy Kreme, food buffets, red cream soda, baseball and Beyoncé made the list.  Marvel movies, gay marriage and Star Wars also made the list.  Tucked in the A-Z list of 94 things that make us great, The first Amendment and Freedom of Speech were also mentioned.

The world sees these things and that is what makes them envious? I don’t think these are the things they credit for American’s greatness.  Unfortunately, that is how many Americans see our greatness.  That is why it is no surprise that we also read today that for the first time in Gallup's 18-year history of asking U.S. adults “how proud they are to be Americans,” less than a majority say they are "extremely proud." Currently, 47% of Americans describe themselves this way, down from 51% in 2017 and well below the peak of 70% in 2003. 

Forty-seven percent of Americans are extremely proud to be an American.  There is no doubt that the negative climate that the media has created has caused this number to decline but it is also telling of how impressionable people really are.  One of the great things that we are given as Americans is the ability to think for ourselves.  To gather facts, make observations and come to conclusions on our own.  Sadly, in this “age of information” most Americans approach their news coverage like they do an all you can eat food bar.  They don’t ask what’s in it or how long it has been sitting there, they just dig in.  And like most food buffets, when it’s all over you hate yourself for the way you feel after over consuming.       

American symbols.  It’s easy to forget about the ones that should mean the most.  The old saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt” might hold true in this case.  Maybe along with visiting the Home Depot today we might think about visiting a cemetery that honors our war dead.  When other countries think of America think about this, the American Battle Monument Commission directs the administration and operation of 24 American military cemeteries and 25 monuments and memorials located in 15 countries, including three memorials in the United States.  There are more than 218,000 American war dead interred in ABMC cemeteries around the world. When I think of symbols that define Americans to the world I can’t help but think of these.  

On this great day in our nation’s history, as we all enjoy our freedoms, even the freedom to disagree, let’s all recognize the sacrifices that have been made.  Maybe exercise a little more common sense in our thinking and a little less emotion in our actions.  Maybe then we can see how much we have to be thankful for and be extremely proud to be an American.   

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance.  Psalm 33:12

Serving the Savior

Bro. Jonathan

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