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14 Nov
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Mid-Week Challenge

“Take two of these and call me in the morning.”  That was a common prescription doctors were known for giving out when we were growing up.  Thankfully medicine has changed a lot since then.  However, there is something about taking a pill and believing we will get better.  There can be no medicine in the pill but if we are told they will work some folks will buy anything.  Researchers call this a “placebo.”  Amazing how some people respond to what they think they know to be true simply by what someone else tells them.   

Our country has a long history of quick fix elixirs and cures.  Commonly known as “snake oil” salesmen you can still see these folks operating on late night informercials peddling their cure-all goods.  It’s no secret that Americans like their quick fix pills.  Walk down any “health food” aisle at your local pharmacy and you will see pills that cure everything from weight problems to hair growth that contribute to this multibillion-dollar industry.  As long as it doesn’t hurt you, I’ve always said if you think it makes you feel better go for it!  That is until I read about the latest feel good pill.  A lady in Colorado is selling communion on the go in pill form.  Theresa Lay came up with what she is calling “God’s Pill” after a difficult time in her life.  The pills are made of matzo bread powder and red wine extract. She believes when she takes these two pills together, she is observing the Lord’s Supper and says she feels closer to God. 

I’m all for anything that gets people closer to God but when you take convenience to this extreme, I have to disagree.  When Jesus gave us the Lord’s Supper He did so as a tool to help us remember His sacrifice on the cross.  It was given as a worship act experience for the individual but in the context of the church body together. When we take key elements to the meaning behind what Jesus was doing for us, we change the entire meaning.  When we reduce the Lord’s Supper to take two of these and go in peace, we lose the comradery of fellowship.  Yes, there is open debate about how to serve the bread and the cup.  Do we use one cup or induvial servings, a loaf of bread or crackers?  The Bible does not say, but I’m pretty sure God never intended for us to observe the Supper in powder form.  

The further we move to self-service the further we move away from Jesus intention of forming His Church.  God wants an individual relationship with us but He has called us to be active in a local body of believers.  When we reduce worship to a couple of pills and a prayer, we miss the purpose of what it means to have communion with God.  Let’s work hard to make sure worship is all about Jesus and less about trying to work Him in for a quick fix during a stressful day.  You don’t need outside works to gain His attention.  He is available whenever you need Him most!      

Serving the Savior

Bro. Jonathan

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