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22 May
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Mid-Week Challenge

Did you grow up with a grandmother or parent who told you not to swear? I’m not talking about the four-letter words; I’m talking about when you are trying to convince them you were telling the truth about not breaking that window in the garage.  If so, they were more than likely referring to what Jesus taught us in Matthew 5:33 about letting our yes be yes and no be no.  In that passage Jesus was commanding His people to be so trustworthy that our simple word was proof enough.  We should not need to swear to an idol or object for people to believe us.  However, because we live in a sinful world, oaths are something we have to make in the legal arena.  Making an oath before God at the time of testimony has always been the test in this country.  In making the statement we are saying may, “God hold me accountable if I lie in what I’m about to testify.”  Telling the truth is so important God included it in the Ten Commandments.  So if we don’t take an oath before God, who are we accountable to when testifying?  The answer is only to our self.  When the founders established our country they knew of no greater power to call witness on than the Lord.  When you take the Lord out of the equation and as long as you “believe” what you are saying is true, you can get away with anything.  

Unfortunately this is the new direction the House of Representatives is taking our country when they swear in a witness before House testimony.  Since the founding of our nation witnesses have been sworn in with the concluding phrase “so help me God,” that is until Steve Cohen (of our great state), began his term as a committee chair.  In a video making its rounds, Graham Ledger, the host of “The Daily Ledger” on One America News Network, shows us the purposeful omission of God at a recent swearing in.  When another representative questions the change in removing God, Cohen replies, “we did!” When asked if they could go back and redo the oath with the traditional phrase, Chairman Cohen said, “No.”  “Could I ask the witnesses if they would choose to use the phrase?,” was the next question at which Congressman Jerome Nadler shuts down the discussion by saying, “We do not have religious tests for office or for anything else, and we should let it go at that.”  And that’s how “so help me God” was removed from the House of Representatives testimonial oaths.

Our nation’s motto continues to be “One Nation, Under God.” No test, no pledge of allegiance to Him but a general recognition of His supremacy over the affairs of people. Our Bill of Rights credits God with certain things all people in the United States have a right to pursue.  Mr. Cohen attempts to explain his actions of removal as protecting witnesses who do not believe in God, but his past antics (he’s the guy that brought a bucket of KFC to a hearing as a prop) and tone in this situation shows that he is not thinking about religious freedom.  He knows that by removing God as the highest power of accountably the new god becomes congress.  He is in a sense saying, “you are swearing to me and I dare you to lie to me because I hold the power and I can make bad things happen to you!” Think about where this has the possibility of going.  When you remove the recognized Source of our rights it will not be long until those in power begin removing those very rights as well.  The devil continues to pursue under the radar methods to remove all recognition of our Creator.  We must be as aware and as wise as our adversary.  Steve Cohen represents the 9th district in West Tennessee but his actions have an effect on us all.  Ask the Lord for ways that you can work with our leaders to protect everyone’s inalienable rights. 

"Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matthew 10:28 

Serving the Savior 

Bro. Jonathan

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