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19 Jun
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Mid-Week Challenge

One of the highlights of high school was the time I was able to spend with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization.  For over 50 years the organizations mission has been: To lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.  Being a youth leader in our church and athlete, my dad had been associated with this group for as long as I can remember so it came natural for me to join when I was able.  For many years this organization has partnered with local schools and coaches to help facilitate Bible studies and fellowships in teambuilding activities.  Each “huddle” has a sponsor who is normally at coach/teacher but for the most part the meetings, activities and events are all student led.  I am always interested to learn about the happenings at other “huddles” across the country.  Recently I read about a huddle in Texas that baptized 18 students in an open air ceremony! An event like this was common when I was in high school but thanks to the efforts of those who are opposed to Christianity they are becoming less frequent.  And unfortunately this event not only drew my attention but also the attention of the Freedom From Religion group. A member of the football team posted the event on Facebook and one person in a town of 1,200 had a problem with it and contacted the Wisconsin-based FFRF.

Looking at the photo that came with the article I see young men and women, black, white and brown, all standing with smiles on their faces in unity.  It would appear to be everything the opposition says they stand for, but because Christianity is involved they believe it must be illegal.  The FFRF sent a letter to the Washington County Schools superintendent demanding a district investigation claiming it is "illegal for coaches to organize or participate in religious activities with students, including baptisms."  In response, Jeremy Dys, deputy general counsel for First Liberty Institute, says that the FFRF's "shaming high school pathetic and needs to stop. The Constitution never requires people of faith to hide themselves from public view. In fact, the ability of students and members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to freely exercise their faith in public is the very essence of the First Amendment." 

Amazing how quickly a small number can change the culture.  If this would have happened a few years ago it would have made the paper and the town would have celebrated.  Now the coaches and school staff have to defend their actions that, on many occasions, have been proven 100% Constitutionally protected.  But just because one court rules in Christian favor does not mean the atheists are going away. In fact, they are getting bolder in their efforts.  Instead of supporting groups that bring students together and provide a sense of community and calm, the FFRF and others like them are looking for ways to further spread their message of hate and intolerance of anything Christian.  From challenging “See You at the Pole” prayer events to fighting “Bring your Bible to class” events, and summer “Backyard Bible Clubs” these groups seek to eliminate Jesus from all things public school related.  For generations students from diverse backgrounds have found common ground in these Bible centered groups. Now the atheists seek to add one more reason to divide us as people. Can anyone deny this as the work of Satan? Pray for and support your local school! Contact coaches and see how you might help as many of these men and women want to share the Gospel but don’t know how.    

 Carry one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.  Galatians 6:2 

Serving the Savior 

Bro. Jonathan

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