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17 Jul
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Mid-Week Challenge

My verse of the day app is Psalm 19:1 – The heavens declare the glory of the God, and the sky proclaims the work of His hands. As my family finishes our Alaskan adventure today and I cannot think of a better verse to describe our experience.  As I write this the time has just rolled over midnight and the sun is just now setting.  Looking out our cabin window I can see mountains in the skyline and a glacier coming over the top with the small town of Whittier resting at the base.  Where I am sitting the heavens indeed declare the glory of God as I think about the glacier receding and areas of the mountain being exposed that human eyes have never seen before.  As the streams of water rush down the mountainside exposing more of what has been covered for thousands of years it hits me that no one has ever seen these parts before but God knows exactly what’s there.  His glory sees beyond what we cannot see because it was the work of His hand that created the beauty of the glacier and the mountain.  In His time He exposed what was hidden for all to see causing nature to declare His glory.  

As I think about the beauty being exposed by each passing moment I am reminded of how the forces of nature here is similar to what takes place in our lives each day.  As the Lord shapes us through the events and moments of our life He exposes the beauty with in each of us.  As we seek to become more like Him we discover talents and abilities we never knew we had.  Just like the glacier that might take hundreds or even thousands of years to expose the mountain underneath, what might seem like a life to expose our gifts is actually all in God’s perfect timing.  

If you are struggling trying to determine the gifts and abilities God has for you don’t give up! They are in there just waiting for God’s perfect timing.  If you will be patient and trust in Him the inward beauty He will expose in you is well worth the wait!   

Serving the Savior 

Bro. Jonathan

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