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18 Sep
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Mid-Week Challenge

As a kid I enjoyed playing connect-the-dots.  You remember these puzzles.  They taught us how to count, the alphabet and any other sets of sequence characters so in the end to reveal a complete picture of whatever subject we were studying.  As we worked on these puzzles it was tempting to guess ahead at what the end picture might be.  Along the way there were clues, but if we got distracted and lost count, the arm or leg of the subject in the completed picture would not look right.  There is nothing more embarrassing than to have eraser marks on a connect-the- dots project.  It’s hard to mess it up if you simply follow the pattern.  What six-year old can’t do that?  Well, I’m noticing a lot of eraser marks on the “completed pictures” the media has been sending our way.  Simply connecting the dots on my end, I come up with a different picture than they are presenting to us as facts.  I try not to wade into the political pool unless they force me by involving religion.  To me, national politics should involve national defense, the economy, some environmental issues and relationships with other nations.  Most other subjects should be left the States and local communities.  But when I read about Christians driving political parties away from religion I feel like I must say something.

I read a report this week that claimed the Christian right is driving liberals away from religion.  Now the last thing I want to be associated with is a group that drives people away from religion.  Jesus reprimanded the religious leaders in Matthew 23 for making it hard for people to come to God.  However, when you look at what the political progressives have framed their agenda around, it isn’t the budget or foreign relations, the majority of their issues are religious in nature.  Issues such as sexual morality, abortion, and religious freedom in the work place have always been part of Biblical teaching by all Christians.  It wasn’t until recently that progressives began hijacking these issues and began washing them in their new definition of what it means to be a Christian.  Thanks to candidates like Mayor Pete, the media is redefining what it means to be a practicing Christian.   Connect the dots and you find that the progressives are not just erasing the faulty lines they have drawn; they are going back and attempting to change the markers that we are to follow so the finished picture they want us to see changes.  What that means is that the picture they are drawing is constantly changing to suit their agenda.  If we allow this and follow their pattern, what it means to be a Christian today will be different tomorrow.  The Bible has already spoken on these markers and the only thing left for readers to do is to draw the lines correctly.  That is the only way to come to the correct completed picture.  The liberal media has enjoyed a period of zero accountability and hid behind a cloak of journalism.  Today, they not only are they attempting to redefine Christianity, they are destroying the credibility of their entire industry.  This goes to proof that they don’t care who or what they destroy in their quest for power.  There is no reputation, group of subject that is off-limits.  Just as a first grader knows you cannot change the sequence of numbers or the letters in the alphabet, you can’t change the pattern of what it really means to be a Biblical Christian.     

Christians, now more than ever, must know what the Bible actually has to say.  We no longer can accept what we see or hear on TV.  As has always been true, we must search for truth ourselves.  We must learn to be self-feeders and no longer reliant on the media or a minister for the truth.  In other words, we must grow up and stop playing childish games with the truth to get it to fit our agenda.   Just as those connect the dots puzzles taught us to follow the sequence and you arrive at the big picture, the same simple principle will get us to the truth today.  Trust in the information in the Bible and you will not go wrong.   

For they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true. Acts 17:11b

Serving the Savior 

Bro. Jonathan

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