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27 Jul
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Mid-Week Challenge

Mid-Week Challenge

The headline “Scientist Think They’ve Found the Origin of All Earthly Life” jumped out at me today.  I love these news sites that sensationalize a huge hypothesis based on meaningless science theory.  The first paragraph usually keys us into the agenda.  This particular article begins as follows:

Four billion years ago, sometime around Earth's 560 millionth birthday, Luca was born. Luca is your great-to-an-infinite-degree grandmother and grandfather, as it is your dog's and your goldfish's and your ficus'. Every living thing on Earth owes its existence to Luca, whose very name stands for "Last Universal Common Ancestor." It is the origin of life on Earth, from which the rest of us evolved. 

Notice “Luca was born.” How can something be “born” from nothing?  The story gets even better when the “science” is explained.  The researches mapped DNA and discovered 355 genes common to an organism that lived in the conditions found in deep sea vents created by seawater interacting with magma erupting through the ocean floor.

Looking closer into the description of how these scientists came to their conclusions and after reading the critique by their colleagues we discover a huge jump in making assumptions (read: they made up their conclusion on incomplete findings)!

 I’m not saying their science is not sound, nor am I disagreeing with their approach, it is the outcome that I have trouble with.  Based on what they discovered and what other scientists have concluded to be true, this evidence could be used to support Intelligent Design with as much certainty as their proposal that we all came from Luca!

 Don’t be sucked in by the flashy titles and the over used term “SCIENCE” that pops up everywhere now days as if we are to lower our guard and offer no debate when someone with a lab coat spouts out “science says.”  Like my late Old Testament professor Thomas Smothers used to say about archelogy, “tell me what you are looking for and I will tell you what you will find!”  In other words, we have this great flaw of coming to a conclusion and then looking for evidence to “prove” what we know to be true.  Nonbelievers want so badly for there to be a smoking gun to evolution because the only other option is Creationism.  Just be honest and say, “this is as far as science takes us.”  I have much more respect for someone who is a skeptic and honest with what they discover, than a militant nonbeliever with an agenda.  With the skeptic you can have a profitable dialogue; the other just embarrasses himself while making everyone around him mad.  

 For me, I go with what has proven itself to be true time and time again over thousands of years, the Bible.  I don’t need science to affirm what I see all around me every day. 

  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through Him all things were made, and without Him nothing was made that has been made.  John 1:1-3

 Serving the Savior

 Bro. Jonathan

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