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10 Aug
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Mid-Week Challenge

Mid-Week Challenge

In Hebrews 11 the Bible gives us what has become known as the “Hall of Fame of Faith.”  The writer mentions Biblical heroes by name and highlights their life accomplishments by reminding us of their specific acts of faith. From Able to the prophets we are given the motivation behind their heroic acts.  In each case we are told “by faith…” they acted, “by faith…” they continued.  Going back to the Old Testament we can read the full story of each person mentioned.  What we find is not a bunch of superheroes but flawed humans who were stumbling through life just like we are today.  The thing that made them different is that little phrase accredited to each one, “by faith..”  The reason these individuals are listed in the “Hall of Fame of Faith” is because they did what many never do, they simply trusted God at His word. 

In modern times we have established many “Halls of Fame” to recognize those in various fields who set themselves apart from their peers.  These individuals have gone above and beyond the norm to elevate their industry, sport or field to a greater awareness and accomplishment.  Their peers recognize their efforts in making their piece of the world better than when they found it.  I’m not sure what drives these folks on an individual bases to excel, but no one can accomplish greatness on their own.  It takes a great deal of faith to make it to the Hall of Fame. 

Today, I get to witness my dad’s induction into the Tennessee Bankers “Hall of Fame.”  Along with five other bankers, The Tennessee Bankers Association has recognized my dad’s work and will enshrine his efforts in helping to make banking what it is today.  I’m sure they will call out his many accomplishments in the field but his family and friends know that his success is due to his faith journey.  By faith (thankful for a job) he started out as a teller in his rural hometown.  After a few years, by faith he gathered his young family and moved them to Knoxville to purse his education.  After graduation, by faith he moved his family to a town unknown by them.  By faith he later left the bank that brought him to this new land and joined with a new startup bank.  By faith he worked his way into a tightknit community.  By faith he labored his way alongside his colleagues to grow a small community bank into one of Middle Tennessee’s most successful and respected names in the banking industry.

Making it into the Hall of Fame does not happen overnight.  I don’t know who came up with the phrase “banker’s hours” but they never knew my dad.  Up before the sun and home after it had gone down, he never missed one of our games in school and we always sat down for dinner in the evening.  We never missed church together nor did he miss a parent teacher conference.  I guess as I look back, that is where I see the “by faith…” so often in my dad.  Looking at all he had on his plate and all he has accomplished in the process the “by faith” was not in his own abilities but in the God who he serves.  There is no way one person could do all that he has accomplished if not by a deep faith in One greater than he. 

You might not ever see your name enshrined in a Hall of Fame but what matters most is that your name is recorded in the Book of Life.  None of those who are listed in Hebrews 11 were perfect.  They were simple men and women just like you and me.  The difference is that little phrase “by faith...”  The faith they lived is the same faith available to us today.  The same faith that gets us through this life will lead us into the next.   By faith trust in the One who knows you inside and out and you too will walk in the ultimate Hall of Fame!              

 I’m proud of you dad!   

 Serving the Savior

Bro. Jonathan

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