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14 Sep
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Mid-Week Challenge


f you have school aged children you probably have heard about “Donuts with Dads” or “Muffins with Moms.”  These events are held to allow dads and moms to interact with their son or daughter in the school setting with other dads or moms.  It is a great social event and a way to connect parents with children and their friend’s parents with each other.  These events have been held for years without push back, that is, until recently.  A single mother in Fort Worth Texas learned of a “Donuts with Dad” event being held at her 12 year old’s school and did not want him to be left out so as a joke she dressed up as a man and went as his dad.  The story goes that everyone got a big kick out of it and took it as a joke but sadly this is no laughing matter.

These events are held to highlight the different roles a mother and father plays in a child’s life.  In this age of sensitivity of feelings by allowing this behavior we are giving up the message of the importance of these key roles in the development of a child.  We run the risk of sending the message to these future parents that it is okay to settle on singleness in raising children.  If the role of a dad or mom is not important than why have these events?  When moms go to dads only events it sends a message to the child that dad’s role can be substituted.  My heart goes out to the many single parents in our community.  Most of these individuals are single parents because of the other parent’s choosing.  None of these would suggest that the roles of both parents are not import in the child’s life. Both roles bring a unique side to parenting.  Through circumstances out of their control they do the very best they can.  Those that I know do a phenomenal job!  But to allow the substitution of a mom in a dads only event or a dad in a moms only event goes against the very purpose of holding the event.  Mothers and fathers are separate and not interchangeable, and both play critical roles in their children’s lives. 

I see what this mom is trying to do, but this issue is no joke.  

Serving the Savior

Bro. Jonathan

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