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5 Oct

Mid-Week Challenge

Mid-Week Challenge

Teaching the religion of Islam in public schools has always been a controversial subject. Since the September 11 attacks there has been a push in some educational circles to increase the teaching of Islam and in recent years we have experienced a fight to decrease any Christian activity in or outside the classroom.  Schools in Tennessee have not been immune to this battle as we have seen thousands of Muslim families move to our state.  Due to this, parents throughout the state have taken a greater interest in the curriculum development and selection being offered to our students.  A review of the curriculum found a marked increase in Islamic content, including leaders, location, history, wars, and involvement with other religions.  This increase caused parents to question the value of educational content and some to consider this as indoctrination. 

The state board of education is responsible for reviewing academic standards every six years.  Due to the controversy brewing the Tennessee Board of Education opened the present round of reviews up to the public by establishing a website where people could offer feedback.      

 Sara Heyburn, executive director of the State Board of Education commented on the use of the site.  “Through the review website, we solicited a wide variety of public input and feedback over four months at the beginning of 2016. Then we convened a team of highly experienced social studies educators and higher education faculty from across Tennessee to analyze all 63,099 reviews. Through hours of intensive work this summer, the educator advisory team used that feedback, along with their expertise, to develop a revised set of social studies standards that are now online for public review.”

 It is sad that so much trouble has been put into trying to indoctrinate students in a religion that has nothing to do with the establishment and development of our country and so little has been done to include the true teachings from the Bible and Christianity that has had a fundamental impact on our development.  This is just another example of some in leadership who ignores our past and forces the next generation to repeat mistakes being made.  An honest effort and an accurate portrayal of history would produce curriculum much different than what Tennessee students have seen in the past. Thankfully parents have raised their concern and brought attention to these changes.  It shows that concerned Christians can still have an impact on what is taught in our schools. 

 Pray for our teachers and education administrators in our public schools.  Most are at the mercy of the educational standards set by government leaders they have never met.  Pray for parents and students to get involved in the educational process and call our attention to areas where we can lift our voice and make a difference with them.                    

Serving the Savior 

Bro. Jonathan

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