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13 Oct
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Mid-Week Challenge

Mid-Week Challenge

Sports fans have been following the reinvention of Tim Tebow into Major League Baseball.  Fan of Tebow or not, you have to admit the young man is an inspiring individual.  Personally, I’m a fan.  I’m a fan because of the positivity this Christian brother has maintained throughout his career.  When he was in the NFL he was ridiculed at every turn.  Drafted early, we were told he would never make it because of his size and throwing style.  After he won his first playoff game (against the expert’s predictions) we were told it was a fluke and he would be done soon.  When he was traded to the Jets the talking heads used that as proof of their wisdom.  Few admitted that the chance to pick up Peyton Manning was an easy choice for anyone, no matter who Denver was giving up.  When the Jets did not use him we were told this was just more proof of his inability.  When he later went to New England for a tryout the doubters were many.  Up against Brady, come on, pretty heavy competition!  But through each of these opportunities Tebow remained humble, appreciative and positive.  The guy realized how blessed of an opportunity he had and he was taking advantage of each moment. 

Now that he is trying his hand at MLB the haters have followed him.  It did not help that his first at bat was a homerun!  The sports writers could not help but point out that he went on 0 for 6 the rest of the day.  They stopped short of reporting that he made contact with each of those balls that were being hurled at him around 90 MPH.  This is a guy that had not picked up a bat during a game since his high school days.  Yesterday he had his first big game at the next level in Arizona.  Going up against true major league pitchers, Tebow went 0 for 3 and the sports experts could not help but point out his “terrible” first game! But something happened that few have reported on.  While signing autographs after the game a fan in the crowd started having a full blown seizure.  Tim went over and calmly said a prayer over the guy and within a few seconds the man came out of his attack as EMTs arrived on the scene.  Fans reported on Twitter that Tebow stayed with the guy for about 15 minutes while the EMTs worked with the man.  Afterwards Tebow was asked about the event and he replied, "You just remember what's important. Baseball's awesome it's something I'm so excited I get a chance to pursue, but what's important is lives matter, people matter. This young man, he mattered. So my first instinct was to just be with him, put my hands on him and pray for him.”

 I don’t know about you but that is something worth celebrating.  Did Tebow work a miracle?  Yes, not that his prayer brought the guy out of his seizer, but the miracle of a celebrity actually thinking about and putting the needs of someone else before his.  Like this guy or not you have to admit that he is the real deal.  Why not be happy for the guy who has the opportunity to do what so many of us only dreamed about as kids and in the process is willing to share the experience with everyone around.   What’s so hard about pointing out the positive role model this guy is for young and old fans alike.  Why would more people not want to find a way to keep this guy in the spotlight as long as we can?  It sure would be nice if we could focus on the things that really matter in this world instead of the trivial jealousy we see so often on the front page!  All of us would be wise to take this page out of Tebow’s playbook.  No matter what you find yourself doing today, find a way to be positive about it! 

Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Colossians 3:23

Serving the Savior 

Bro. Jonathan

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