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3 Feb
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Mid-Week Challenge

Mid-Week Challenge

 I am sure you have made preparations for the Big Game this weekend.  A freezer full of pizza, chicken wings and sweets ready to pop in the oven as you and your crew sit back Sunday for football’s biggest evening.  My family warmed up for the game by watching old Super Bowl commercials on TV last night.  That is why most Americans tune in, right?  114.4 million fans watched the Big Game last year on NBC.  CBS has the game this year for the 50th Anniversary.   According to CBS executives a 30 second ad will set companies back a cool $5 Million!

 With all that is riding on this game and the investments made on so many different fronts, it would go to reason that God might have an opinion on the outcome.  Is God a Bronco or a Panther?  Is He pro Manning or a Cam fan?  My answer is YES, all of the above.  Does God care about the game, the commercials, the fans?  I think He does, but not in the way we would think He might.  The Bible tells the story of God and people.  It is a beautiful description of God’s unfailing love for His most treasured creation.  God has an interest in everything we do.  Job expresses this truth so well: 

“What is mankind that you make so much of them, that you give them so much attention, that you examine them every morning and test them every moment? Will you never look away from me, or let me alone even for an instant?  Job 7:17-19

 Why the eternal God takes such an interest in us is hard to comprehend when you think about all of the struggles going on in the world right now.  When we use this approach we forget about who God the Father really is and the scope of His presence.  Why would God care anything in the world about watching us watch the Super Bowl?  I think it is similar to the reason a rough and tough dad can take such interest in a preschool ballet recital his daughter is in.  Or why a young mother can be heard screaming from the sidelines for her son’s soccer team, but has no idea how the game is actually played (to her credit no one really knows the rules of soccer). (Kidding: don’t send me emails)  

 In all seriousness, God takes such an interest because we do.  I don’t think that He cares as much about who wins as He does about how we play.  We watch the ball and He watches our heart.  Twice in the New Testament Paul tells us that whatever we do we should do it for God’s glory (1 Corinthians 10:31 & Colossians 3:17).  God does care about the team you cheer for and the type of car you drive and the brand of deodorant that you wear.  Specifically He cares about the sportsmanship you express when cheering for your team, how well you manage your money when you buy that car and that you actually care enough about your neighbor to wear deodorant!

 So enjoy those commercials, support your favorite team and enjoy those frozen goodies in the full knowledge that God is watching too, He is watching you because He loves you! 

 Where can I go to escape Your Spirit? Where can I flee from Your presence?  Psalm 139:7

 Serving the Savior

 Bro. Jonathan

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