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19 Apr
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Mid-Week Challenge

The Church’s “super bowl” Sunday was this past week as we celebrated Easter! Record numbers showed up in their Sunday best to honor the Risen Savior.  Most churches consider this their “super bowl” because we mark the death, burial, resurrection and future return of Jesus but we consider this our biggest Sunday because we have folks back that we have not seen since Christmas.  I’m always honored to have these folks return as they look at our church as “their” church home.  As this date approaches I always think about what causes someone to attend a church, what is the draw?  The results of a new Gallup poll helped shed some light on this question. 

One might think that the number one reason people go to church in America is for dynamic music or an awesome children’s program.  Although those things are very important the top answer was “Sermons that teach about Scripture.”  Researchers found that 82 percent of Protestants and 76 percent of all regular worshipers consider the pastor’s sermon on a biblical lesson as a major factor that draws them to services.  Application and sermons that connect with real life were the key contributors. 

And before your “pastor ego” gets too inflated, the Gallup survey found that people in the pews care far more about what’s being preached than who’s preaching it. Only half of Protestants (53%) and Americans overall (54%) said they attend because of “dynamic religious leaders who are interesting and inspiring.” The take away is that theological depth from the pulpit appeals to the Christmas/Easter crowd and to non-believers.

 The growing churches appear to be the ones who do it all well.  God honoring worship music, dynamic and intentional student programs, friendly people and messages that don’t dumb down the Gospel or water down those hard Scripture passages.  People want the truth, but they don’t want to be beat up with it. The Holy Spirit knows exactly where and how much these folks need.  Today, make a point of evaluating your role in your local church’s ministry.  Every member plays a part.  Do you bring your best every Sunday or is this weekend a time to fall back into the routine? Let’s hope those that attended your church this past Sunday will return this week because what they discovered was a way to make application of God’s truth because of the efforts He called you to in service. 

Serving the Savior

Bro. Jonathan

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