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26 Jul
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Mid-Week Challenge

Does it seem to you that many of the people in our country have lost all

common sense?  Things that I took for granted to be true as a kid the world

now calls false.  Morals and ethics that I thought were the bedrock of our

communities have now been exchanged for more “progressive” ideals.  I never

thought I would live in a day where I would be afraid to let my wife and

daughter use a public dressing room at Target, but we have not shopped there

in almost a year. I never thought we would have to question the judgment of

our leaders by their installing policies that put our law enforcement and

military personnel in danger, but turn on the evening news and we see mayors

and commanders doing just that.  


That is why I was not surprised to see the backlash against President Trump

today when he announced a ban on transgender individuals serving in the

military.  Common sense would say that it is not a good idea for the

government to pay for the surgery and medical cost of individuals

transitioning and equally a poor idea to allow transgendered individuals to

serve in military roles.  Common sense, however, is not so common any

longer.  When it comes to the protection of our nation one would think that

the community would yield to the needs and desires of the military generals

but that is simply not the case.  The LGBT community has targeted those who

do not side with their agenda and have sought to silence anyone who speaks

out against them.  Personal choice and lifestyle aside, doesn’t it make

sense to go with the plan of those who have spent their life in military

service over the emotional desires of a young person in transition?

Thankfully our President sided with the generals on this one.


Living in a humanistic world we must be on our guard against the desires of

self.  It has become too easy to justify personal wants over the good of the

whole.  When our society fails to acknowledge the fact that we answer to a

Higher Authority the outcomes of our actions will be a testimony against us.

We have been warned.  Simply thinking through the choices before us would

save a lot of heartache and lives.  Too bad a lot of people in leadership

don’t do that anymore. I’m reminded of the leaders in John 12:43 who

believed Jesus but did not speak up for Him because they “loved the approval

of people rather than that of God.”  Pray for those who have to make the

unpopular decision to do the right thing.  Pray you will have the courage to

do so as well.   


Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light

and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5:20 


Serving the Savior

 Bro. Jonathan

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