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30 Aug
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Mid-Week Challenge

We have been blessed with a baby boom at our church!  I love seeing our families bring their little one to church for the first time.  They have on their Sunday best, hair fixed just right and those cool baby carriers that were not around when we had our two.  At our place, by the way parents dress their children, it is easy to pick out the boys and girls.  On occasion I have heard stories from other pastors about it not being so easy to determine a boy baby from a girl on that first visit.  One pastor told me that he mistakenly complimented one mom on her beautiful baby boy, to which she angrily replied, “He’s a she!”

 Mistakes like that happen all the time with babies but due to a changing society where one can pick what gender they want to be, mistaken gender identity is becoming more common.  As might be expected, reactions like that angry young mother of the mistaken baby gender are also becoming more common with adults. Transgendered individuals are reporting that they are offended and troubled when someone uses a different pronoun for them than the one they prefer.  Always a trail blazer in these areas, California has passed a bill that will land the gender offender with a fine and/or time in jail.  That’s right, call someone a “he” when they prefer a “she” and you could be going to jail.  Right now the bill only covers nursing homes and care centers, but you can only imagine how far it will continue to reach.

 Have they lost their mind?  In an attempt to further the transgendered agenda we are now going to prosecute people for name calling?  Is it right to expect more from California?  Didn’t they have a governor that liked to use the term “girly-men?”  How much further are we going to allow this to go? Will we suspend a kid for telling a boy that he hits like a girl?  Where will it end?  This absurdity is a direct outcome of government overreach and politicians with too much time on their hands.  Instead of working to find solutions to real problems they pass laws in areas that create more problems. 

 It is sad to think about how far our society has fallen in just a short amount of time.  Just a few years ago someone who was suffering with gender issues was given therapy and in some cases treated for mental issues.  Now those same people are told they are not the ones with the problems, it’s everyone else who disagrees with them.  No wonder our generation is so confused about who they are and where they are going.  Thankfully those who read the Bible know that somethings do not change.  God’s instruction for our life remains constant and secure.  Pray for those who struggle with finding a place to belong and pray for those who think simply passing a law will cause one person to respect another.  Only the love of Jesus can do that!

So then, let us pursue what leads to peace and to mutual edification.  Romans 14:19

Serving the Savior

Bro. Jonathan

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