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3 Jan
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Mid-Week Challenge

If you have viewed the night sky over the past few evenings you have enjoyed the bright full Super Moon.  New Year’s Day marked a neat astronomical event as it was a Super Moon.  Even better this month, January 31 will mark a second full moon, called a “super blue moon,” and in addition will feature a total lunar eclipse!  All that in one month.  All of this lunar activity has sparked renewed interest in our lone natural satellite.  Just a few days ago NASA posted a photo taken by the OSIRIS-Rex probe that is heading to hook up with an asteroid in August.  The photo gives us a better idea of how far the Moon really is from Earth.  Most folks know that, on average, the Moon is 240,000 miles away, but how far is that really? The OSIRIS-Rex photo really puts it into perspective.  Although the Moon looks really close in recent nights it is still around 30 Earth links away!  (Take a look at the link

After looking at the photo and getting a better idea of the great distance between the Earth and the Moon it makes me think about how insignificant the moon looks at that distance.  But imagine what would happen if the Moon was not there.  The gravitational relationship we share with Moon keeps our ocean tides moving, the rotation of the Earth would speed up and the Earth would not tilt allowing for the changes of the seasons (Not to mention our nights would be a lot darker).  As I compare the great distance, small size and lifeless features of the moon to the Earth it is easy to discount it, but in reality none of us would be here if not for that small rock in this distance.  

At times you might feel like the Moon.  Distant, disconnected and out there on your own.  But don’t discount your scope of influence on others.  Without knowing it, by living a Christ like example, people are being drawn to you.  In many cases today it is the Christians who keep the world moving by showing compassion, grace and mercy.  It is those people who follow the teachings of Jesus by being kind to others and thinking about others before self that make the difference. 

The Moon does not get a lot of credit and maybe you don’t either, but know this, God has you here because you serve a higher purpose.  In this New Year, don’t lose heart and don’t grow tired of doing the right thing.  You never know how God will use you to pull people to Him.   

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.  Galatians 6:9 

Serving the Savior

Bro. Jonathan

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