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10 Jan
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Mid-Week Challenge

As kids we dream of making that last second shot at the buzzer.  We want to be a part of that final play of the game that results in a winning touchdown.  We want to be the one who hits the walk off home run to end the World Series!  We all, at some time or another, daydream about what it would be like to be the one in the spotlight. All the cameras in our face, the reporter questioning us as the confetti flies.  We all think about that moment, but have you thought about what you would do after the game winner?  What do you do with your moment in the spotlight?  

Most of us only dream about having the opportunity to have a moment but for 19 year old Alabama freshman quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, his moment became a reality on Monday night.  In the College National Championship Game Georgia was up by thirteen points at halftime and looked like they were going to run away with the second half.  Enter Tagovailoa after Coach Nick Saban decided to take a chance on the unproven freshman.  Tagovailoa led the Tide to an overtime victory on the last play of the game.  When the confetti began to fall and the reporters rushed the filed what did the young quarterback do with his moment in the spotlight?  He gave glory to Jesus!  When the reporter asked him how he was able to pull off such a victory he replied, “All glory goes to God. I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”  He continued, “I would say my poise comes from my faith. I just pray for peace.” 

Wow, and this is the first time he has had a national microphone put in his face!  How many young people do you know who would have the poise to remember to give credit to Jesus when their 15 minutes of fame hit?  Was he prepared to say that, was it intentional?  Out of all that I have been able to find on him (he has never played in any meaningful college game before, so there is not much) it looks like it was not planned but just a natural reaction in an honest answer.  When he went left Hawaii for college his parents moved to the mainland to be close to him.  It was great seeing him run directly to them to celebrate and give them credit for the way he was raised and share in the moment.  

What a great example and what a timely reminder.  The Bible tells us to be ready when our number is called, not just during game time but in all times.  Paul tells young Timothy to be ready to preach the Word (2 Timothy 4:2), Jesus warns us to be ready for His sudden return (Matthew 24:43), Paul warns us to be ready for the return of Christ (1Thessalonians 5:2), Peter tell us to be ready to give an answer for our hope in Jesus (1 Peter 3:15).  There are many more places to go but the overall theme is you never know when you will be called on to be a part of something great.  Will you be ready?  The great thing is the Bible tells us how to be ready for the event to come to all of us, our death.  Jesus has promised us that if we confess our sins and believe upon Him there awaits for us a place in Heaven (John 14).  

Thinking back to my 19 year old self, I don’t know how I would handle such a sudden moment of fame, but I do know that back then I knew who held my future and He has been faithful to me to the present.  I can only hope to have a moment to let the world know how much I owe Him for all I have today.  In reality, we all have those moments every day when we live our lives as witnesses for Him.  

But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. 1 Peter 3:15

Serving the Savior

Bro. Jonathan

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