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31 Jan
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Mid-Week Challenge

If history is any guide, most Americans will be watching the Super Bowl this weekend.  Although the number of viewers might be down due to the two teams playing and the overall protest of the league due to players taking a knee during the National Anthem, it will be a huge media event.  There is something about American Football that captures the imagination of people all over the world.  A true team sport, the outcome is decided that day in only one game.  There is no best two out of three or playoff between the two teams like in other sports.  No matter how well the team played during the year and the win- loss record they bring to the table, none of that matters when the game comes to an end Sunday night.  When those players walk off the field for the last time all the world will know who walks off a winner and who a loser.  After all the work, the level of play, the highs and lows of a season, each man giving his all and leaving it on the field, in a moment it is over.  One side wins the other side loses.  One team rejoicing the other team in despair. One group in celebration, the other withdrawal.    How does one handle this level of emotion?  Is there a proper way to respond in moments of triumph and despair?  As children it was easy to pick out the sore losers.  After a tough loss coaches and parents alike would give the speech about how to behave in defeat.  Being a gracious loser is not something that comes natural to a competitor.  Vince Lombardi once said, “Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser.”  No one likes to lose, but every real competition has to have one.  Most people don’t recognize the fact that at the conclusion of the game Sunday night there will be only one winner but there will be 31 losers.  With 32 teams in the NFL, in the end, there can be only one champion.  How we behave after a loss will be more visible and says more about us than anything else we do on the competition field.  It is not easy to win, but it is easy to lose our witness in a win. 

Just like sports life has its winners and losers.  And just like sports there are more losers than winners.  The difference is how we let the sting of a loss motivate us to future victory.  Look at all the heroes in the Bible.  All of them had some type of defeat in their life but we call them heroes because they did not lose their witness in defeat but used their experience to propel them to victory. 

Win or lose this weekend God does not really care (because the Cowboys are not playing), but in life it all matters.  Every encounter, every situation, every opportunity is a chance to be a witness to someone in need.  Don’t discount your losses and don’t lean on your victories.  The only real victory is through Jesus and every day He gives you the chance to continue playing the game of life that leads many to Him. 

Serving the Savior

Bro. Jonathan

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